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About us
About us

vrame is an interdisciplinary team of people who like to view themselves as “smart foxes” – always alert, always discerning, and always looking ahead in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. We specialise in fighting risks tactically, always staying one step ahead. This means we create a safe procedural structure for the project, taking it all the way to successful completion in close partnership and collaboration with our customer.

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0107 2015

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our mission.

In the world of building projects, complexity increases from day to day, bringing new risks of planning, construction and safety-related deficiencies. Increasingly we see building projects failing because of substantial cost overruns and missed deadlines. Short planning phases and fragmented information-sharing systems between project stakeholders aggravate this trend since relevant data and information cannot be contributed in a transparent, comprehensive and quality-enhancing fashion.

We are convinced we can make a major contribution to the successful completion and sustainable performance of complex projects. Our many years of combined practical experience in all fields of expertise related to the building lifecycle encourage us to take a critical, proactive approach to the process of securing the success of a building project.

We always try to anticipate and resolve potential issues before they develop into real problems that have a severe impact on the implementation or utilisation of a building. Staying one step ahead of risk is our daily challenge. We make sure we are in control at all times – for the benefit of our clients as much as our own. We do not like to see people fail in their attempts to make their dreams come true. Through our cooperation we want to encourage them to outdo themselves.

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v - the abstract representation of a fox’s mouth

The smart fox: An adaptable survivor who learns quickly, understands complex situations and excels at putting its knowledge to good use both tactically and instinctively, leveraging its real-life experience.

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ra – the first two letters of the German word “Rahmen”, or framework

Through our services we build a custom framework for each individual project to re-integrate all stakeholders into a collaborative network. Our model-based methodology enables the parties involved in a project to communicate in one common language again.

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me – turn it upside down to get a strong “we”

We work with our clients as partners at eye level because it takes a true team approach to lay the foundation for innovative and successful building projects.

our philosophy

Theory alone doesn’t do it for us. We believe in combining practical experience with theoretical expertise in all disciplines involved in a building project. After all, we do not want to sell our clients one-size-fits-all solutions to give them a few short moments of peace of mind. Being there for each other, taking responsibility and ensuring sustainability are principles that define our work.

no bull- shit

our vision

We want to pave new roads in a time-honoured industry. We want to overcome yesterday’s concepts to make a clear statement in the marketplace – confident that our approach defines the future of the construction industry. It is: Proactive. Disruptive. Pro-gressive. Collaborative. Digital

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