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Values such as openness, honesty and a human touch are high on our agenda, as is an eye-level working relationship with our clients. It takes true team spirit to enable people to outdo themselves and to lay the foundation for innovative and successful building projects. You believe you have these character traits? Then submit your resume to vrame.

team meeting

At the end of October it was finally happening – after a long time the vrame team could finally see each other live again. Since we have grown by a few foxes just in the last year, there was no possibility to meet in person yet.

So the team meeting was a complete success even under current conditions and more than necessary despite the digital collaboration.

vrame on tour

Those who experience extraordinary things together get to know and appreciate each other better. Under the motto “With joint power to success”, we organize an annual team event to discover our potential together and to strengthen the team spirit. The goal is to pursue common visions, to stick together and to support each other on the way to success. After all, a good atmosphere in the company also helps to achieve the project goals for our customers together. We believe that team building is an important process to meet future challenges in a stronger position and to strengthen the “we” feeling of our team.

Last year, we promoted our team spirit and went rafting together in Sölden (Austria).

flexible fox family

Being able to arrange your working hours flexibly comes with many benefits. Job satisfaction improves, and tailoring your work day to your needs while ensuring a good work-life balance will help keep you healthy. vrame lets you arrange your productive work hours individually. What matters to us is the result, not the hours spent on the job.

Find the right worktime model for your situation: Expecting a plumber at your apartment or a delivery of furniture “between 9 AM and 5 PM”, with nobody else around to open the door? No problem here – stay at home and work remotely.