working with ‘smart foxes’.

the team

vrame is an interdisciplinary team – always alert, always discerning, and always looking ahead in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. This means we create a safe procedural structure for the project, then take it all the way to successful completion in close partnership and collaboration with our client. As a young, creative, interdisciplinary team we cultivate transparent processes to mitigate our clients’ risks in complex building projects. With every one of us contributing a unique range of experiences, we cover the entire bandwidth of expertise the project lifecycle requires.

chief executive officer

jens bredehorn

the multi-talent

chief executive officer

marc heinz

the unconventional thinker

project consultant

holger schultz

the authentic mediator

vrame, mitarbeiter, richard wald, bim manager, bim berater, bim consultant, berlin
project consultant

richard waldöstl

the diplomat

project consultant

silvio werner

the strategist

project consultant

robert felker

the rock

project consultant

susan kilian

the innovator

project consultant

sören schwadtke

the scholar

project consultant

tim brückner

the challenger

project consultant

lukas besser

the orator

executive assistant

dorina morick

the empath

marketing manager

cansu ting

the creative genius

project consultant

verena gibson

the solution finder

project consultant

christian knoth

the investigator

project consultant

maximilian schöttle

the planner

project consultant

merle richelsen

the farsighter