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Change management plays a key role throughout our range of services. Our change management expertise allows us to ensure well-planned management of strategic processes as well as sustainable, effective project implementation together with our clients and the project team. Our many years of combined practical experience in all fields of expertise related to the building lifecycle encourage us to take a critical, proactive approach to securing the success of a building project.

Consulting & Implementation

Digitalisation is the buzzword of our time. A term that also raises fears. At the same time, digitalisation will likely turn out to be a major boost to the building industry, redefining

BIM (Information)

To enable smooth collaboration without any media breaks, and seamless sharing of information throughout a BIM project, the sender

Common Data
Environment (CDE)

In the building industry, data such as drawings and floor plans, lists, BIM models and other relevant documents play an ever more important role. Since this


“Digital information models” are useful during the entire lifetime of the building, from the initial draft design to the construction phase, and through to

Change Management

BIM, BAP, AIM, PIM, use cases – when we first encounter the topic of BIM and the general digitization of the construction and real estate industry

Competitions – data analytics

The increasing complexity of building projects, the urgency of achieving sustainability, and growing pressure to ensure economic feasibility make timely


The availability of up-to-date building information is essential in revitalisation and upgrading projects as well as in general building operations