Common Data Environment (CDE)

making complexity manageable.

Communication, coordination, collaboration

In the building industry, data such as drawings and floor plans, lists, BIM models and other relevant documents play an ever more important role. Since this information must be collected through a variety of communication channels, there needs to be a central information hub that can be used by all project members throughout the project. The Common Data Environment (CDE) provides the Single Source of Truth for all information associated with planning, building and operating property. A Common Data Environment is used to collect, manage and distribute both graphical and non-graphical information in

common file formats. This is where interdisciplinary teams capture, manage and distribute all process-related information.  The CDE enables standardised project design and management. The BIM (information) management thus serves as the digital interface for requesting information. What is more, this BIM method can serve as a contractual basis for information deliveries, such as the provision of planning and construction data for operational purposes or for data sharing in the context of operational processes.

A CDE enables change management

Together with our clients we develop a strategic procedure for the introduction of a CDE, whether for use throughout the entire organisation or just within the project context. Introducing and using a centralised project platform for an organisation for projects often means that a variety of topics must be addressed.

For example, processes and information structures must be discussed, or peripheral systems and additional technical interfaces, through to change management need to be considered.

A question of definition

When looking at a Common Data Environment, we distinguish between the technical solution as such (consisting of software and platforms),
the associated workflows, and the required interfaces. The CDE supports processes that make sure that information is properly managed and
accessible to all parties that need it whenever they need it. Typically the Common Data Environment is more than a single solution; rather, it
consists of various systems which are needed to implement the workflows.