Consulting & Implementation

focus on the builder-owner.


Digitalisation is the buzzword of our time. A term that also raises fears. At the same time, digitalisation will likely turn out to be a major boost to the building industry, redefining processes, information and human interaction. Wherever digitalisation catches up with us, companies have to re-think and reinvent themselves. Complexity in the implementation and operation of building projects is increasing from day to day, bringing new risks of planning, construction and safety deficiencies. Short planning phases and fragmented information-sharing systems between project stakeholders aggravate this trend, preventing relevant data and information from being exchanged in a

transparent, comprehensive and quality-enhancing fashion. This is the point where a new way of thinking must take hold. The critical issues are hidden in the project particulars – poorly fitting implementation models, antiquated methods and missing information requirements clash with the requirements inherent in digitalisation. Being able to control and manage information is what makes the difference. Crucial data and information requirements, such as those concerning the operation and utilisation of the building – in other words, describing the character of the building – must be known at an early stage so they can influence how the project takes shape.

With the end in mind

“With the end in mind”, one of the guiding principles of our consulting services, aims to define the information requirements for items such as the operation and utilisation of a building at an early time so they can be duly accounted for in the project. The digital character of the building should be known at an early stage and incorporated into the project.

Working closely with our clients, we develop a strategic roadmap to explore the options, processes, technologies and resources that will enable successful BIM implementation. With the defined goals in mind, we apply an objective, proprietary strategy to develop the success factors, milestones, procedures and other relevant requirements for subsequent implementation.

Based on the defined objectives we develop concrete application scenarios to specify the processes and requirements that will allow these objectives to be achieved in each individual stage of the project or as part of internal processes. We generate performance specifications and statements of work as well as guidelines for successful implementation of the BIM methodology. Apart from these measures we support the project and its stakeholders through workshops and training courses, and develop the framework for the technology and software-related applications and requirements.

Unbiased and software-agnostic

True to the motto “Every project comes with unique requirements”, we approach the consulting and implementation activities of our clients’ projects with a wide-open mind. This allows us to get an unfiltered view so we can tailor the strategies and competencies involved in our consulting services to our client’s individual objectives and requirements.

The driving force behind our services is our commitment to developing a plausibility-checked combination of processes, people and technologies which directly reflects the individual customer’s vision and objectives.