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In the mid-1980’s Science magazine published a study demonstrating the existence of a direct link between the architectural design of hospital rooms and the successful recovery of patients. The connection couldn’t be simpler: Patients who were able to see a park with trees outside when looking through the windows of their rooms recovered and could be released one day earlier on average than the peer group. Of course there are many other factors influencing a patient’s recovery, such as the performance of the medical staff or the medical and lab equipment available at the hospital. But the experiment clearly showed how existing simple factors can improve existing processes, in this case the healing process.

In our healthcare and hospital projects we seek to improve processes simply by applying existing methods and insights. We aim to optimise without generating enormous additional costs for the stakeholders. Whether it is about enhancing communication between stakeholders, digital sampling of patient room items, or simulating the utilisation of hospital bed lifts to identify saving potential, BIM is a simple tool for generating added value. We will accompany your building project from the first idea through to operation.


Apart from BIM project implementation, model-based quality assurance of project results and BIM process control, our past projects involved the following challenges:

  • How can work processes and process logistics be simulated during the early project stages, and how can they be incorporated into the planning process?
  • How can user requirements (care staff, cleaning staff, doctors, maintenance staff etc.) be managed optimally and integrated into the planning process effectively?
  • How can BIM support remodelling projects and the associated documentation?
  • What challenges result from using BIM in the context of the German public procurement regulation, and how can model-based competitive bidding procedures be implemented?
  • What requirements should be extrapolated from the future operational processes, and how can they be accounted for from the earliest planning stages?
  • How can I incorporate the frequent remodelling projects within my property into a BIM process?

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