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The transformation of the building industry has been going through a fascinating phase over the past few years that resembled a strategic and technological revolution. Heralding a new era, it is in fact called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this transitional period the building industry adopts highly digitalised technologies to design and construct buildings in smarter ways. This may involve things like autonomous machines that can perform production tasks with minimum human interference. The fourth industrial revolution provides companies in the building industry with new development opportunities. BIM is the first step within this developmental phase which focuses on establishing a centralised database for storing digital information.

This is important because digital data about an active project are a key aspect of the integration between the fourth industrial revolution and BIM. Improved access to this data throughout all stages of the asset life-cycle, from the first draft through to construction, will greatly enhance efficiency in terms of both time and costs while reducing errors. All parties involved in a project, such as surveyors, designers and contractors, must come together to share information in a transparent manner and address issues jointly. As a matter of experience, a uniform understanding of the potential of the BIM methodology is key to efficient and successful collaboration.


Apart from BIM project implementation, model-based quality assurance of project results and BIM process control, our past projects involved the following challenges:

  • How can the fourth industrial revolution merge with advanced planning/building/operating?
  • How can the interface between asset and building planners in the collaboration process be optimised, and what are the resulting information requirements?
  • How can production processes be simulated in advance?
  • How can lean production processes influence the development of a building?
  • How can disparate identification systems be harmonised?
  • What requirements should be extrapolated from the future operational processes, and how can they be accounted for from the earliest planning stages?
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erweiterung, industriebau, werkstattcluster, bim management, bim, management, implementierung, projektplattform, bim360, qualifizierung, openbim, modellbasierte kollaboration

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