Residential and
commercial buildings

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Residential and
commercial buildings

No building typologies are more explicit indicators of change in our society than residential and commercial buildings. Since the beginning of urbanisation, via standardisation, and through to digitalisation, our cities have always revealed their inner being through their buildings. At the same time, statutory regulations, economic considerations and the creative imagination of stakeholders merge to find their expression in urban architecture. In the process, tasks, responsibilities and requirements often conflict with each other, sometimes pushing a project to the brink of failure.

To make sure this will not happen to our clients’ projects, we support and accompany many projects by providing timely requirements and information management. Our activities are your guarantee that your project will always remain in the focus of the collaborative effort, and that an efficient process will guide it to completion. We can redefine the requirements of each client and develop individualised solutions, whether for micro-apartments or residential flats, a market hall or a shopping mall.


Apart from BIM project implementation, model-based quality assurance of project results and BIM process control, our past projects involved the following challenges:

  • How should the BIM process be designed to suit the construction method (e.g. wood hybrid or massive construction)?
  • How should life and work be viewed from the perspective of digitalisation, and what are the resulting information requirements?
  • How will the information requirements for a property sale differ from those for an owner-operated building?
  • What are the requirements for BIM-based transaction management?
  • How can BIM be used to support tenant management?

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