optimisation of processes

The driving force behind our services is our commitment to developing a plausibility-checked combination of processes, people and technologies which directly reflects the individual customer’s vision and objectives.

understanding the customer’s individual challenges

related to process optimisation

Duplicated data entry:

Independent processes are addressed in an analogue, isolated approach

Lack of transparency:

Identical processes are executed in different ways (internally and externally)

Manual data handling:

Information users can modify information but changes are not fed back into the original process


Outsourced capture of data and information although processes are standardised

Business model:

Own product or service range no longer meets customer requirements

Limited resources:

Repetitive and analogue activities inhibit employee productivity

Rules and regulations:

Large number of analogue and disparate standards and requirements complicates quality assurance

Knowledge management:

Loss of know-how due to changing demographics and workforce structure

evaluation of data and information requirements

through an outcome-oriented requirements management approach


Requirements analysis based on evaluation of existing processes

Software-agnostic definition of interfaces and technologies

Integration of business models, resources and capabilities


Development of process-dependent and process-independent data and information bases

Development of data structures for seamless information access

Development of a strategy/of recommended measures for process optimisation

implementation of technical and process-related requirements

through process optimisation

process automation
business intelligence
interlinking of partial processes
optimisation of resources
data management
interface optimisation
product management
risk management
quality optimisation
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