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Our Team
Our Team

As a young, creative, interdisciplinary team we cultivate transparent processes to mitigate our clients’ risks in complex building projects. Our practical experience covers all ranges of performance relevant to building.

Values such as openness, honesty and a human touch are high on our agenda, as is an eye-level working relationship with our clients. It takes true team spirit to enable people to outdo themselves and to lay the foundation for innovative and successful building projects.


jens bredehorn

(the multi-talent // ceo)

characteristicscoordinates, takes challenges head-on, knows how to make his point convincingly

descriptionActs by recognising internal and external risks and opportunities, defines informational and quality-related requirements and associated management processes, develops interdisciplinary workflows and requirements for complex projects.

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marc heinz

(The unconventional thinker // CEO)

characteristicsprogressive, proficient, quick-witted

descriptionImpresses with his progressive ideas within the lifecycle of a building and his ability to anticipate client needs before they emerge, and to translate them into holistic strategies.

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julia herrmann

(The optimist // Project Consultant)

characteristicsfull of great ideas, reliable, efficient

descriptionDevelops customer-specific concepts and implementation strategies for handling project information, overseeing and managing the implementation of model-based processes.

contact julia

damian warnke

(The trailblazer // Project Consultant)

characteristicsagile, bold, confident

descriptionAnalyses the company-specific potential, defines recommendations for results-oriented measures to implement digital processes, and develops solutions for processing large volumes of information from models.

contact damian

holger schultz

(The authentic mediator // Project Consultant)

characteristicsoutgoing, loyal, single-minded

descriptionWorks closely with the client, supports the project by introducing required product solutions that ensure holistic project execution and implementation of pertinent processes. Defines the digital tools to deploy for specific tasks associated with the project stages.

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nader khelifi

(The realist // Project Consultant)

characteristicsupbeat, tolerant, clever

descriptionLays the foundation for model-based digital building processes, develops concepts for construction logistics and evacuation scenarios; specifies simulations to support processes.

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jutta dollmann

(The open-minded achiever // Team Assistant)

characteristicsresilient, honest, versatile

descriptionAssists in project execution by performing supporting tasks to ensure a holistic, coherent internal project structure and clear the way for goal-oriented implementation.

contact jutta

richard waldöstl

(The diplomat // Project Consultant)

characteristicsa man of integrity, relaxed, versatile

descriptionGenerates value-add for projects by contributing an interdisciplinary perspective; develops well thought-out concepts for implementing new methods, interlinking advanced technologies with sustainable corporate business processes.

contact richard

silvio werner

(The strategist // Project Consultant)

characteristicspatient, analytical, constructive

descriptionDevelops comprehensible solutions for complex issues; defines software-specific fields of application for sharing digital information; combines BIM-based project execution with coordination-based workflows.

contact silvio

joana heckhausen

(The enthusiastic // Project Consultant)

characteristics: charismatic, courageous, persistent

descriptionShe develops strategies for the implementation of innovative processes and is ambitious to consistently implement them. As an architect, she brings the interdisciplinary connection to project management. She is familiar with the planners’ challenges and therefore is able to view projects from different perspectives. She pursues her passion and curiosity about digital processes through her own podcast and YouTube channel

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robert wojciechowski

(The rock // Project Consultant)

characteristicsdetermined, eloquent, unfazed by pressure

descriptionImplements project-specific requirements, combining model-based project execution with precise planning quality assurance methods and cross-process solutions.

contact robert

susan kilian

(The innovative // project consultant)

characteristics: ambitious, consistent, far-sighted

description: She supports the targeted implementation of project-specific requirements and verifies the information and quality requirements. As a specialist in geodesy, she forms the interdisciplinary reference to basic research which forms the basis of further project management.

contact susan

laura catuna

(The creative communicator // Marketing & Communication)

characteristicsunflappable, accurate, cooperative

descriptionIn charge of publicity, marketing and communication. Supports or services by communicating new concepts to our clients.

contact laura

christian ehl

(The visionary // Strategic Partner)

characteristicssmart, spontaneous, independent

descriptionAcknowledged expert in software and cloud platforms. Oversees the Common Data Environment and open information exchange as well as data quality in BIM projects.

contact christian

thomas foerderer

(the dynamic // project consultant)

characteristics: dynamic, creative, balanced

description: He actively supports the project teams with his multi-faceted knowledge in order to make the complex handling of BIM projects and strategic consulting a success.

contact thomas

jacqueline rohrmann

(the crafty // project consultant)

characteristics: delightful, driven, versatile

description: She dives into complex problems to develop innovative solutions. She particularly analyzes the technologies, interfaces and methods in a way to make complexity manageable. On her YouTube channel, she talks about new tech-trends and provides tutorials for various software applications.

contact jacqueline

cornelia schmidt

(the intuitive // project consultant)

characteristics: solution-oriented, intuitive, curious

description: She develops practical concepts fort he phase-spanning use of model-based project content in the planning and realization phase. By using digital tools, he achieves maximum added value for all project participants.

contact cornelia

sören schwadtke

(the assiduous // project consultant)

characteristics: responsible, team player, creative

description: As a geo-ecologist with a focus on geodata and remote sensing, he provides an interdisciplinary contribution to the quality assurance of projects to ensure an ideal base (an ideal framework) for constructive work.

contact sören

michael gisdol

(the agile // project consultant)

characteristics: networked, inspired, methodical

description: He challenges the status quo with innovative concepts and develops practice-oriented strategies for the use of digital tools across multiple stages

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